NYC Pandemic Vote FAQ

Information below pertains to the 2020 NY Primary

Absentee Ballot Requests:
* Deadline: JUNE 16
* Request online:
* Request by phone (and for more information): 866-VOTE-NYC (868–3692)
* More information by Email:

In a pinch: Pick up an absentee ballot at your County Board of Elections until June 22. Find yours here.

Outside NYC: Print your application here and mail it your County Board of Elections.

Your Ballot
* Deadline: Postmarked 1 Day before the election (June 22)
* Remember: Sign AND Date the back

In-Person Early Voting
* Date: JUNE 13–21
* Hours: Variable
* NYC poll locator:
* NY State poll locator:

In-Person Election Day
Date: JUNE 23
* Hours: 6AM — 9PM
* NYC poll locator:
* NY State poll locator:

Races To Look For
There are many often overlooked positions up for election this year. In NY, if an election is not contested, it does not appear on the ballot. If you live in NYC, here are the positions which are being filled, whether you see them or not:

* Democratic Nominee for U.S. President
* Delegate to the Democrating National Convention (see How Does Presidential Delegate Voting Work?!)
* U.S. House

* State Senate
* State Assembly
* Political Party State Committee — One Male, One Female for every Assembly District (e.g. Democratic Party, Republican Party, etc)

State Committee Members will elect Members of the National Committees this year (i.e. the Democratic National Committee — DNC and Republican National Committee — RNC).

* Civil Court Judges
* Political Party District Leaders in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens
* Political Party County Committee in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens (e.g. Democratic Party, Republican Party, etc).

Questions? Suggestions?
* Email
* Twitter: @yben
* Facebook:

Speaker/educator on politics & effective change. @manhattandems Secretary. @nydems Committeeman, 66AD. “Traveling civics superhero”.

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