I initially published this directly my Facebook and Twitter accounts when Early Voting began. I was happy to leave it at that, but Twitter flagged on of the tweets as misleadings.

You’ll be happy to know I’m right and they’re wrong, but now I have to write it here so I can delete the tweet and regain access to my account.


Early voting in NY officially startedSaturday (10/24), at 10am and ends on Sunday (11/01), so here’s everything you need to know.


To vote early, you are required to vote at your designated polling sites. …

It’s election day. While I understand that vote-by-mail and Early Voting have been underway for a while, I been urged recently to provide an endorsement breakdown by people who were asking for guidance.

So, if you have not yet voted, or you want to change your mail-in vote by going in person, here is my characteristically deeply researched endorsement list for Lower Manhattan with a special shout-out for the reformers taking on the machine in Queens.

And, if you want to share this anywhere, please feel free. Here’s a link to the Medium Article version (caps sensitive): bit.ly/BY2020Primary.

Finally, if…

The Presidential Primary is complicated. As New York State’s failed attempt to cancel it shows, there’s more at stake than just the Democratic Nominee. Instead, hundreds of delegates are running around the country in their own right to give their communities a seat at the table.

So, what do Delegates do? And why, in New York, can you vote for Presidential candidates and Delegates seperately?

Selecting the Party nominee for President
When you vote for the Democratic nominee in the Presidential Primary, you are not actually voting for a candidate. …

Information below pertains to the 2020 NY Primary

Absentee Ballot Requests:
* Deadline: JUNE 16
* Request online: nycabsentee.com
* Request by phone (and for more information): 866-VOTE-NYC (868–3692)
* More information by Email: AbsenteeJune2020@boe.nyc

In a pinch: Pick up an absentee ballot at your County Board of Elections until June 22. Find yours here.

Outside NYC: Print your application here and mail it your County Board of Elections.

Your Ballot
* Deadline: Postmarked 1 Day before the election (June 22)
* Remember: Sign AND Date the back

In-Person Early Voting
* Date: JUNE 13–21
* Hours: Variable
* NYC poll locator: nyc.pollsitelocator.com

Dear New York State Board of Elections,

As a Democratic State Committeeman, former Secretary of the Manhattan Democratic County Committee and former Vice President of the Young Democrats of America, I urge you not to remove Bernie Sanders from the June 23 Primary ballot for four reasons:

1. Democrats across the spectrum deserve to have their voices herard. While the outcome of the election may not be contested, the coalition that will bring the Democratic Party to victory in 2020 is broad and diverse.

As much as at anytime in our history, the candidates in the Democratic Primary represent a…

This is a cross-post of my latest mass email. Many people have written me back to say how useful it was, so I’m publishing it here. Sign up at benjaminyee.com.

One of the multiple emails I got in response.

Two outcomes in this week’s Judicial Convention show what makes Manhattan (New York County) different from all the other counties.

*Need a reminder of what a Judicial Convention is? Jump to the bottom*

First, a contested leadership election for the Convention.

Though the Judicial Convention is organized by the County Democratic organizations, they elect their own leadership for the few hours of work. Often that leadership is comprised of County Committee leaders, but with shuffled titles (i.e. the Chair of the County won’t be Chair of the Convention) and a few restrictions on who can do what.

This year it…

Since being elected to the Democratic State Committee in 2016, I have worked to bring the reform energy which has been so successful in NYC to the State Party organization. Alongside others dedicated to improving our political process, I’m happy to be a part of true headway in opening up the Democratic Party.

If you’ve taken a (Real) Politics 101 workshop, you know that the accessibility of the Parties and their leadership are critical to our democracy (if you haven’t, sign up to get notified about the next one at benjaminyee.com/contact). …

I want to give a BIG congrats again to the organizers like One Queens Indivisible, Hearts Across Queens, Queens United Independent Progressives (QUIP), New Queens Democrats, Primed Out NY, Sunnyside/Woodside Actiongroup, LIC Coalition and Hunters Point Civic Association for making sure the people of Queens were heard on the Amazon deal.

By getting involved, they were able to change something that appeared to be a foregone conclusion. …

It takes three elections to lose Democracy. America faces number two.

Here we are, the day before the midterm elections. I’ve spoken to many people about this for the past few months but I’ve hesitated writing anything. With the purported electoral sentiment in the US it feels alarmist. But, at the same time, it also seems like if there’s even a 1% chance of it happening, we should be cognizant of America’s worst case scenario.

How three?

My mother’s parents survived the holocaust. They came to the United States after the end of the war but, unsurprisingly, the lessons of…

Ben Yee

Speaker/educator on politics & effective change. @manhattandems Secretary. @nydems Committeeman, 66AD. “Traveling civics superhero”. Benjaminyee.com

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